Cartoon Circuit Board
Design Electronics with React & AI
Build electronic circuit boards, schematics and PCB layouts with React, Typescript and AI tools. MIT-licensed open-source
npm install -g tscircuit
Cartoon Circuit Board
Learn tscircuit in two minutes
  1. If you know React, you'll understand tscircuit immediately
  2. In tscircuit, instead of previewing web pages, you preview Schematic and PCB layouts
  3. Watch the two minute introduction to get started or go through the quickstart tutorial
tscircuit changes everything about electronic design
React modularity
React has become the most popular framework in the world because of it’s incredible interoperability. Drop in any third-party component and it’s almost guaranteed to function as intended.
Schematic preview
Assemble complex schematics, easily import component schematics. Zoom and explore schematics with the tsci dev preview tool.
Schematic Preview
Typescript safety
Utilize the power of Typescript types to create powerful and custom validation. Use the standard typescript tooling to statically analyze your code and catch design errors.
PCB preview
Import and customize footprints. Adjust trace widths for nets, inspect pads and design rule checking errors from the tsci dev preview tool.
PCB Preview
MIT open-source
Use tscircuit for anything you want, no strings attached.
Your tools and AI
AI already knows React, and it learns tscircuit fast. Continue using your tools like VS Code and Github Copilot, no need for any plugins, it all just works.
Open or private registry
Any npm-compatible registry works with tscircuit. Keep all your files in your private registry and share with your team.
Incremental auto-routing
tscircuit incrementally auto-routes to increase the modularity of components. Just because a complex component is built for a 2 layer board, doesn’t mean it can’t be imported to a 4 layer board.

You can incrementally override auto-routing and provide hints to get perfect PCB traces.
Export and manufacture
Export Gerbers, Bill of Materials, Drill files, and more. tscircuit exports can be uploaded to manufacturers for end-to-end pcb printing and assembly.
Cartoon Circuit Board
Cartoon Circuit Board
Build something physical
npm install -g tscircuit